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Are you looking for to make you banquet a very special event? Kelly Candaele, who wrote the story and directed the documentary, A League Of Their Own, would love to join you for a public or private showing. He has spoken about making A League Of Their Own all across the United States and Canada. Kelly gives you a behind the scenes look at how his mother and sister were scouted and chosen for the All American Girls Professional Baseball League. He will tell you about how these professional women ballplayers were trained in the arts of etiquette, and how they really behaved after the game. If you are interested in how the film was made, what stories were true and which ones were exaggerations (was there an “All The Way Mae” in the League?), Kelly will give you the inside dope. But most importantly, he speaks passionately and with a profound regard not only for his mother and aunt, but for all the women who were true pioneers in world-wide sports.

Please get in touch for details on appearances and special showings: Contact: – (323) 547-1183